The Film

“WE’VE GOT IT SIMPLE” – A feature length documentary film that will expose and celebrate the wondrous glow of the completely creative, uniquely artistic and often obsessively fanatical world of Phish fans!

What started with a single show way back in 1983 has since blossomed into more than a three decade long career of four virtuoso musicians and one of the most unique and fascinating bands to ever grace a stage. With PHISH recently passing the 30th anniversary of the band’s first show, Philly Philms began pre-production on “We’ve Got It Simple”.

From the earliest days in Vermont to the 30th Anniversary shows at Madison Square Garden and beyond, Phish fans have changed and evolved alongside the band. “We’ve Got It Simple” focuses not only on the band and their fans but the entire community and underbelly of art and commerce that has been created in their wake. In a sense, this film is not about the band at all, but rather about a group of very different, yet like minded people.

What is most fascinating and most likely least understood, is that this sub-culture of people, this very real and legitimate community of people, from all over the country and from all walks of life,  exists mostly unseen from the prying eyes of popular culture. This community, one that that thrives on positive energy and is fueled by music, somehow flies under the radar of all things considered and is not only often misunderstood but distinctly misrepresented, especially from outsiders looking in.

This community exists as a direct result of one thing, the band Phish and their music. Their intent is all for our delight, and always has been. We’ve Got It Simple.. we truly do. So in this spirit, we have decided on approaching the film much like the band approaches its improvisation on stage, with a free spirit and a collaborative vibe that allows for things to change and evolve naturally, in real time. So with that said, we are “Crowd Sourcing” material for use in the film. So on this site you will find a tab that allows you to “surrender to the film” or “submit” your photos and videos to be used. The more we get from fans to use, the more this film will better represent the community. In fact, we’d like nothing more than to have all of our B-roll, all of our still photos and all of our archival footage to be fan submitted.

Even the title, “We’ve Got It Simple” was one of dozens suggested via our twitter @WeveGotItSimple and voted on by over 5,000 fans via Surrender to the Flow and PhanArt. Our hope in this endeavor is that everything from the title to the closing credit scroll will be created and submitted by fans.

With that collaborative spirit in mind, please contact us to submit ANYTHING you think would be worthwhile to the film from artwork and graphics to pictures and videos. The more collaboration from Phish fans we get the better the end result will be. This film can only work as a collective whole with your participation. We want you to be happy… this is your film too!



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