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Michael Ryan Lawrence is a writer and director from Philadelphia Pennsylvania and president of Philly Philms, a film and creative media independent production company. Michael headed to Hollywood in 2002 as an actor and after many small roles on television, found his way leaning towards being behind the camera instead of in front of one. He attended Santa Monica College, earning an associates degree in Film Theory before enrolling at the Los Angeles Film School. It was at LAFS that Michael majored in Directing and Cinematography and where he wrote and directed his thesis film, “Jack in the Box” which was a 22 minutes Jack Nicholson kidnap comedy. Jack in the Box had immediate success across the festival circuit and landed him the short film director award at the Monaco Charity Film Festival in Monte Carlo, among others.

Shortly after, Lawrence moved back to his hometown of Philadelphia and began work on “Beeradelphia – The City of Brewery Love” which would be his first feature length film. Beeradelphia had a theatrical release in 2013 in the Philadelphia market and had a festival run that took it from coast to coast and over to Europe, again winning a directoral award at the Monaco Charity Film Festival. Beeradelphia ended up with a VOD distribution deal and lived its remaining time on

Currently, Lawrence is Writing, Shooting, Directing and Edit his labor of love project, ‘We’ve Got It Simple”. Being a diehard Phish fan for over 20 years, Lawrence has seen the band live in concert over 125 times, in dozens of states and multiple countries. The world and the community that has spawned from such a career is what attracted him and keeps him going after all these years. It is this unique world of Phish fans that he has decided to turn his camera lens onto, to help shine a light to illuminate and expose one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented counter-culture slices of Americana. His approach to the film mirrors the community it is about in the sense that it will be a crowd-sourced film, with footage, stills and artwork being culminated and submitted by Phish fans across the globe.


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Kelly Wood & Michael Ryan LawrenceKelly is both a creative and executive producer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who has worked extensively in both narrative and documentary film. Wood first worked with Philly Philms in 2009 on “Jack in the Box”, and her production company, Chestbump Entertainment, helped “Jack” along a very successful festival run, including theatrical screenings and awards across the United States and in Europe. Woods then teamed up again with Lawrence for his first feature length film, “Beeradelphia” in 2013 which had similar success both domestically and abroad, winning the award for documentary feature at the Monaco Film Festival in Monte Carlo. Kelly, a Phish fan herself, has been instrumental in taking “We’ve Got It Simple” from concept to production.




David B. Cohen is a recording engineer and sound designer from Chicago, Illinois and currently lives and works in Hollywood, California for Paramount Recording Studios. His audio production company, DBC AUDIO, has collaborated with Philly Philms on their last feature film, Beeradelphia, and will once again be taking the reigns on sound design and editing for “We’ve Got It Simple”.

With a very impressive background in the music industry, Cohen has worked with artists across many genres from Dr. Dre to Damian Marley and being a Phish fan himself for nearly two decades, is the absolute perfect fit to help us create and shape the soundtrack to our film.



Ernest P. Tedesco Jr. is a cinematographer, editor and graphic designer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His multi-media company, Tedesco Photo & Video has been creating visual content for over a decade. “Ernie” as he is known to his friends and co-workers, has been a steady force in every Philly Philms project to date, from his work as a cinematographer and editor on all our films, to being responsible for nearly all of our graphic design and website work.

On”Simple” Ernie has already designed all of our print media and digital content, has contributed on tour as a camera operation and production consultant and will be sure leaving his mark on the editing and finishing of the film as we slide into post production.


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